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Health Insurance is a plan where the insurer promises to cover the medical expenses upon the ill-health or critical condition of the insured, on a whole or partial basis.

Are you ready to bear an unexpected medical expense up to 15 lakhs? Do you know it costs around 8-9 lakhs for a crucial heart problem? Health Insurance may not gift you a brand new body, but it will make it easier to handle the expenses to keep this body safe.

Diseases Expenses
5 to 15 Lakhs
Heart Disease
7 to 9 Lakhs
Cancer Disease
10 to 25 Lakhs
Kidney Disease
10 to 17 Lakhs

Why do we need Health Insurance?

The uncertain life can bring us many ups and downs. Sometimes, these ups and downs are financial and sometimes they are related to health. While we can predict future loss, we cannot predict future ill-health. So, to minimize the financial expense due to the bills of ill-health, or critical condition, one must have a Health Insurance.

Below are the reasons:

– For fighting Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, respiratory issues, etc.
– To safeguard your family
– To keep your savings secured
– For dealing with medical inflation
– To avail tax benefits
– Protection against critical ill-health expenses
– Benefit while suffering from critical illness

What are the different types of Health Insurances?

a) Insurance Plans for Cancer
Cancer Insurance plans help tackle medical treatment expenses in the case of Cancer. These plans provide combined protection against all stages of Cancer. You receive a decided part of the cover paid upfront upon the diagnosis of cancer disease at an early stage, and then all the future premiums are waived. If the cancer is detected at a higher stage, you may receive the full cover amount with an additional income for a specific period.
b) Critical Illness Benefit
Critical Illness benefit plan helps avail the comprehensive financial safety in the form of payouts upon diagnosis of any life-threatening diseases/ailments.
c) Health Insurance Plans for Individuals & multi-individuals
A Health Insurance Plan for an Individual provides financial protection against health expenses incurred by an insured individual. These plans cover the surgical as well as hospitalization expenses (for up to the cover limit as per the plan).
d) Family Floater Health Insurance Plans
If you wish to purchase health insurance, covering for your entire family (spouse, children and parents) under a single plan, then you can choose a Family Floater Health Policy. The family members are secured against hospitalization and surgical expenses under the Family Floater Health Insurance plan. The premium under the family floater health plan is calculated based on the age of the eldest family member.
e) Health Cover for a Corporate Employees
Corporate Health Insurance policies are purchased by employers for their employees. The premium under a group health insurance plan is usually standardized and offer the same set of benefits to all the employees covered in the plan.

Just as how important it is to have a Health Insurance, deciding on what plan to take, is equally important. According to your financial conditions, income, risk factor, age, etc. suitable Health Insurance is decided for you.

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